Chapter 2. System Web pages

Table of Contents

Home Administrative Window
Network Configuration
Choose type of RED interface
Choose network zones
Network preferences
Internet Access preferences
RED type: NONE
RED type: ADSL
RED type: ISDN
RED type: PPPoE
Configure DNS resolver
Apply configuration
EN registration
SSH Access
SSH Options
SSH Host Keys
GUI Settings
Backup Web Page
Your Backup list
Create a new Backup file
Encrypt Backup files
Export Backup files
Import Backup files
Restore a Backup
Schedule Backups
Reset configuration to factory defaults
Shutdown or Restart Endian Firewall


Figure 2.1. System menu selected

System menu selected

This group of web pages is designed to help you to administer and control the Endian Firewall itself. To get to these web pages, select System from the menu bar at the top of the screen. The following choices will appear in a submenu on the left side of the screen:

  • Home — Returns to the home page.

  • Network Configuration — Allows you to configure the network and the NIC of your EFW

  • Endian Network — Allows you to register your EFW within Endian Network. This menu item is not available within Endian Firewall Community version. ('EN registration' before version 2.1)

  • Passwords — Allows you to set the admin password.

  • SSH Access — Allows you to enable and configure Secure Shell, SSH, access to Endian Firewall.

  • GUI Settings — Allows you to set the language of the web display.

  • Backup — Backs up/restore your EFW settings to/from files. You can also restore your settings to factory default.

  • Shutdown — Shutdown or restart your Endian Firewall from this web page.

  • Credits — Our thank to all contributors.