EN registration

This menu item is not available in the Community version.

The Endian Firewall Enterprise version has the ability to register to the Endian Network. The registration to the Endian Network allows you to monitor and manage your Firewalls using Endian Network. Your registered Endian Firewalls can also be collectively updated automatically or manually through Endian Network with just a few clicks. In order to be able to get those updates you need to register. The following describes how to register and below you will find the same page of a successfully registered Firewall.

Figure 2.20. Unregistered Endian Firewall

Unregistered Endian Firewall

In order to register to the Endian Network supply the following information within registration form:

Endian network username

Fill in the username of your user account on Endian Network.

Endian network password

Fill in your Endian Network user password. These credentials will only be used to authenticate yourself on Endian Network in order to register. The credentials will not be saved.

Activation key

Fill in the activation key you got from your Endian Reseller. It is a one way key consisting of 12 characters. The activation key can be used only once.

System name

Give a name. It may be wise to use the systems hostname. With this name you can identify the firewall on Endian Network. Especially if you have multiple firewalls it would be wise to choose a name which contains information about where this system is located, like the customers name or anything like that. This value can be changed on Endian Network after registration.

Short description

Here you can add a short description about the installation. For example information about where you can find the firewall geographically. This value can be changed on Endian Network after registration.

Figure 2.21. Registered Endian Firewall

Registered Endian Firewall

The page is divided into two parts.

Registration information

The first part displays your registration information:

  • System name - Displays the name of the system which you supplied on registration. You can use this label to identify this firewall on Endian Network.

  • Registered for - Displays the name of the responsable person or organisation for which this system has been registered.

  • Short description - Displays the short description which you supplied on registration.

  • System ID - Every system gets a worldwide unique identification number during registration. We use this number to identify your hardware within Endian Network. You may be asked for this number if you need to get support.

  • Last update - Displays the date of the last update.


    If you change any of those information fields on the Endian Network your firewall will be synchronized within one hour.

Activation Keys

You need a valid activation key for each maintainance channel provided by the Endian Network if you like to get the updates provided by the respective channel. An installation may use more than one activation key if you need to subscribe to more than one channel. Normaly you will have only one. The following information will be provided for each activation key:


Displays the name of the Endian Network channel for which the respective activation key is valid. For example Endian Firewall.

Valid from

The subscription to the respective channel is valid from this date on.

Valid until

The subscrption to the respective channel is valid until this date.


Displays how many days the subscription will still be valid.