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The Reports section contains several pages with information and statistics about the activities, users, tickets, traffic, connections, and accounting data related to the hotspot. Few actions are available in this section, whose purpose is to provide a detailed view of the users’ statistics and connections and of the use of the hotspot.


On the satellite hotspots, Reports is the only available menu item in the hotspot administration interface.


The default view when opening the Reports pages is to show the table reporting all the currently active connections to the hotspot, including those on satellites - if any. For each connection, the following information are displayed:


The name (i.e., the OpenVPN account’s name) of the remote hotspot satellite system, if this Endian UTM Appliance is a Master in a Master/Satellite configuration (more on that in the roles of an hotspot section) and the user is connected to a satellite.


The username of the connected account.


The description of the connected account.


Shows whether the connection is authenticated or not.


The total time since the connection has been established.


The amount of time since no traffic has been detected between the account and the hotspot.

IP Address

The IP address of the client connected to the hotspot.

MAC Address

The MAC address of the client’s connected interface.


Every active connection can be closed by clicking on Logout in this column.


This page contains a list of accounts with information about their connections, followed by a global summary at the bottom of the page. Two alternative views are available to show users’ balances, called Filter Period and Open Accounting Items, with the former being the default view. They can mutually be accessed by clicking on the link available on the far right of the page. The actual data shown in the two views are different, but they report quite the same type of information, which are the following:


The username or MAC address of the account. When clicking on the username, the Account Balance page of that user will open. (see below).

Amount used

The amount of money that has been used by this account.


The money already paid by the user.


The time this user has been connected to the hotspot.


The traffic that has been generated by this account.

At the top of the table, a start and an end date can be written into the From and Until fields respectively: By clicking on the Filter button on the right, the page will be reloaded with statistics limited to the interval between these two dates only. To show a calendar to ease the search for a date, click on the buttons on the right tof the textfield. Pagination is available to split any long lists.


The format of the date is DD.MM.YYYY, like e.g., 03.06.2017 (third of June 2017)

The alternate view, Accounting Items, displays the same, aforementioned data, but with one additional column:

Amount to pay

The amount of money that has not been yet paid by that account.

On either view, clicking on a username or MAC address opens the Account Balance page for that account, that reports detailed statistics about the user’s tickets and billing, grouped in four parts. Note that this page can be reached also from Accounts ‣ [ User list ] ‣ [ Actions ] ‣ Balance.

User Information

All the user’s login information, i.e. name, username, city of birth and birth date, Document ID, and the party issuing the document.

Account Balance

Detailed information about the account balance, with all the time-based related statistics followed by the traffic-based statistics. In both cases, the total pre- and post-paid tickets assigned to the user, and the total used and available time or traffic are shown.

Postpaid payment

In this column, two boxes show the amount of money that the user has already been paid, and that she still has to pay, displayed in the currency configured on the Settings page. The lower box has a green background if everything has already been paid, red otherwise. Credit can be added to the user (either to solve a debit or simply to allow to buy more traffic), by inserting any amount in the input field below the two boxes and clicking on Add credit.

Accounting Entries

This table lies at the bottom of the page, and containes a list of the tickets associated with the user. For each ticket, a number of information is displayed:

Ticket name

The name of the ticket’s rate.


The credit (with green background) or debit (red background) associated with this account.


Any cyclic ticket purchased by the user is shown in this column multiple times: Once when it has been created with the ticket name Cyclyc [name], then at the beginning of each cycle, a new ticket named [named] with amount 0.00 EUR (or in the currency used in the hotspot) is added to the accounting.

Date / Time

The timestamp of the tickets’ creation.


How much time has the ticket been used


The traffic consumed by the ticket.


Whether or not the ticket has been used.


This option is used by the ASA interface and shows how many times the system tried to account these entries.


A custom message.

For each entry that is a cyclic ticket, the message contains the following information:

  • Period ID is a progressive number that uniquely identifies the ticket.

  • Cycle: and Number of cycles refer to the ticket and refer to the ticket’s period length and to the number of cycles purchased.

  • Start date and End date show the first and last day of the ticket’s validity.

After filling the Start date and End Date fields above the user information (or clicking on the buttons to chose the dates from a pop-up calendar) and clicking on the Filter button, only the statistics within that period will be show.

The currently shown statistics can be printed by clicking on the >>> Print button.

Connection Logs

This page contains a table showing several information about the current and past connections. The items can be (reverse) ordered by any of the columns and even filtered, to show only the connections established within two dates. The information shown are:


The username making the connection.

IP Address

The IP address of the connected client.

MAC Address

The MAC address of the connected client’s interface.

Connection Start

The start time of the connection.

Connection Stop

The end time of the connection.


The amount of data that has been downloaded during this connection.


The amount of data that has been uploaded during this connection.


The duration of the connection.

Export Connection Logs as CSV

The connection logs, which contains detailed, relevant information, can be downloaded to be viewed or stored in CSV format by clicking on the Export Connection Logs as CSV link in the sub-menu. The default filename for the log file is hotspot-YYYYMMDD-FULL.csv, where YYYYMMDD is the date on which the file was created and FULL means that the file contains details about all connections.


Remember that the exported list contains also the passwords of the users in plain text, so remember to keep them in a safe place.

SmartConnect Transactions

This page reports the list of all SmartConnect™ connections and transactions, that can be (reverse) sorted by either the transaction ID or the order time. Specific transactions can be searched by providing some character in the input form near the Search: label. The information provided in the table are:

Transaction ID

The transaction identification string, mostly useful for accountability or in case of troubles with registration of clients and tickets. Any transactions can be looked up here.

Order Time

The date and time of the transaction.


The status of the payment, if it was successfully completed (free tickets will always show as Completed) or not.


The username of the account created, which is the phone number in case of SMS-based SmartConnect™ transactions.


The phone number provided during account creation.


The SMS with the account credentials are sent from the hotspot via the Endian Network. If for any reason the messagge has not been sent or if the client never received it, this field shows Failed, otherwise it shows Success.

SMS Time

The date and time when the SMS was processed.


The name provided at the account creation.


The address, zip code, and country information provided at the account creation.

Pagination is available for tables with many entries.

See also


Hotspot ‣ Settings ‣ SmartConnect

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