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A box is an element of the page of a service, that contains several configuration option.


A user connecting to the hotspot. It is sometimes called hotspot user.


It is the IP Address of the GREEN zone, i.e., of the LAN in which the Endian UTM Appliance is located.


By module it is intended each of the items displayed in the Main Navigation bar (System, Status, Logs and so on), which groups together a set of functionalities. A module has a menu on the left-hand side.

Multiselect box

A special box which displays a list of available items on the right-hand side, a list of ‘active’ or selected items on the left-hand side, and a search textbox on top. Some also allow to specify, for each allowed item, a characteristic (e.g., that the item is required or optional).


Pagination allows table containing lot of entries to be split into two or more parts when the number of entries exceeds the pagination value, showing only one part at a time. Currently available only for the hotspot and the logs, this value can be defined under Hotspot ‣ Settings and Menubar ‣ Logs ‣ Settings. It is possible to browse through the pages by clicking on the First, Previous, Next, and Last links above the table.


Plugins are the boxes present in the dashboard.


It is the IP address assumed by the RED interface, i.e., the one communicating with the outside. It is not present when the Stealth Uplink is employed


Tabs are sub-pages of a main service that are used to split and keep organised all the configuration option of that service.

The Zones

Each of the 4 subnets managed by the Endian UTM Appliance: GREEN, RED, BLUE, and ORANGE.


Anyone who uses the Endian UTM Appliance.


An element of a GUI that displays information and can sometimes be interactive, i.e., a user can interact with it to change the information present within it.



The Address Resolution Protocol maps MAC addresses to IP addresses.


The Berkeley Internet Name Domain is the de-factio standard DNS service on Unix and Linus systems.

Network Bridge

A network device connecting two or more network segments, without routing packets from one segment to the other.


The checksum is the outcome of an algorithm, usually in form of an alphanumeric string, that is used to verify the integrity of data exchanged over the Internet. Some popular algorithm used with this purpose are MD5 and SHA.


A computer or software program that requires some services from a server.

Default Route

The route used to send packets when no more specific rule exists.


The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is used to dynamically allocate various IP parameters within a network segment to all devices that connect to that network. Example of those parameters include a unique IP address for each device, routing table information, time server, name server.

IP Address

An IP address uniquely identifies a device (workstation, server, printer, etc) within a network. Devices may have different IP Addresses.

Local Area Network

A Local area network is a network which is intended for private use. Different LANs, situated in different places can be connected using, e.g., a VPN connection.


A device (like e.g., a computer, printer, file server etc.) that provides some services and can be used by users of a network.


An SMTP relay server that instead of delivering an e-mail directly to the recipient, sends it to an intermediate server that will carry out the final delivery. Smarthosts usually require authentication, as oppesed to open relay server, who do not.

User Agent

The user agent of a web browser is the string that every browser sends as identification when requesting a web page. It contains several information about the browser and the system. For example:

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i586; it; rv:5.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/5.0

A complete list of user agent strings can be found on the http://www.useragentstring.com/ website.

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