UTM is an Open Source Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance software. This document is both an User Manual and a Guide to the configuration of the various part of the UTM’s web interface and its functionalities.

The latest updates and corrections to this manual, referred to the latest release of the UTM, will be available online at

This reference manual is 2011-2023, Endian S.r.l. and corresponds to revision 2 of the online version.


Without the great work of the Smoothwall and then of the IPCop team, neither UTM nor this document would exist. Therefore we would like to thank them all for their hard work.

Thanks to Sourceforge for the hosting. Without Sourceforge we would not have the possibility to gain such a huge worldwide visibility. You are really helping us very much!

Endian web sites

For more information about Endian S.r.l., Italy and its products, please visit Endian web site at

Many resources (tutorials, how-tos, examples) in this manual are taken from those web sites:

  • The new support center for the Endian products, that should become the reference site to support customers and users. Several links to howtos on this site are provided on this documentation at the end of the various subsections.

  • The old knowledge base of Endian, now discontinued. Its content, including configuration examples, has been incorporated either in the reference manual on in the site.

  • Endian’s bug tracker, the place in which to search for existing bugs and their resolution or workarounds and to report new issues. It replaces the older bug tracker located at, which is still accessible and in which to find tips and workaround for issues found in older systems.

Additionally, several forums have been created on the Internet to provide help to the users of the Community Edition. These are not maintained from Endian, but nevertheless they represent a valuable resource for all UTM users, even for registered appliances.


Only active forums are listed here, while forums that are outdated, not maintained, or not existent anymore are removed.

An updated list with all forums can be found on the Endian Website.

Finally, mailing lists with instruction for subscription can be found on the sourceforge page of the UTM project.