LCD Display

This section describes the functionalities and actions of the LCD display, available on the bigger Endian appliances, and applies to all of them.

The LCD menu of Endian appliance consists of menus and (menu) entries and has a tree-like structure. To navigate across the menus, use the arrows to move up and down through the menu entries and the Cancel and Enter keys to enter or exit the menus.


In order to avoid an accidental push of the keys, it is necessary to press the navigation keys with some pressure.

The information and data shown on the LCD display are recalculated every time a menu item is accessed, hence they are always up to date.

The structure of the menus is the following. The names used in the diagram are the same as those showed on the display.

├── health status
│   ├── cpu usage
│   ├── memory_usage
│   ├── disk_space
│   ├── load_average
│   ├── swap_usage
│   └── up_time
├── network info
│   ├── traffic
│   ├── ip
│   └── mac
└── system
    ├── upgrade
    ├── ssh
    │   └── ssh
    ├── backup
    ├── reset
    │   └── first_confirm
    │       └── final_confim
    ├── reboot
    │   └── confirm
    └── shutdown
        └── confirm
Health status

This menu contains items that show information about the overall status of the appliance. Many information are the same that can be seen in the appliance’s System status GUI, but in a more compact form. In details, the following data are shown:

  • CPU usage. The CPU usage of the appliance, updated a few times per second.

  • Memory usage. The value in MB and in percentage of the free RAM amount.

  • Disk space. The percentage of space used in each mounted partition in the appliances’ hard disk.

  • Load average. The load average of the system for the past 1, 5, and 15 minutes.

  • Swap usage. The value in MB and in percentage of the free swap space.

  • Uptime. The total time since the last reboot.

Network information

This menu shows information about the network interfaces, in particular:

  • Traffic. The amount of received (RX) and transmitted

    (TX), in bytes.

  • ip. The IP addresses of the network interfaces (with no subnets and no gateway).

  • mac. The MAC address of all appliance’s network interfaces.


The System menu allows to carry out a few administrative tasks on the appliance. Each item of this menu allows execute exactly one action. It is possible to reboot, shutdow, or reset to factory default the appliance, but all these action require a confirmation, i.e., the choice of carrying out these action must be entered twice, except for the reset to factory defaults choice, which requires a double confirmation (i.e., the choice must be expressed three times in total).

  • Upgrade. Checks if there are packages which need an upgrade and starts the upgrade process.

  • SSH ‣ SSH. This menu shows the status of the SSH access and allows to toggle it.

  • Backup. Create a backup of the appliance.

  • Reset ‣ first_confirm ‣ final_confim. Resets the appliance to factory defaults.

  • Reboot ‣ confirm. Restarts the appliance

  • Shutdown ‣ confirm. Powers off the appliance.