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VPN traffic

The VPN traffic firewall allows to add firewall rules applied to the users and hosts that are connected via OpenVPN.

The VPN traffic firewall is normally not active, which means that, on the one side, the traffic can freely flow between the VPN hosts and the hosts in the GREEN zone, and on the other side, VPN hosts can access all other zones. Please note that VPN hosts are not subject to the outgoing traffic firewall or the Inter-Zone traffic firewall. Two boxes are present on this page, one that shows the current rules and allow to add new ones, and one that allows to set the VPN firewall options.

Current rules

The handling and definition of the rules is identical to the outgoing traffic firewall, so please refer to that section and to the common options for directions on the definition and handling of the firewall rules in this module.

VPN Firewall settings

The VPN firewall can be disabled or enabled using the Enable VPN firewall switch.

Log accepted VPN connections
Ticking this checkbox causes all the accepted connections from the VPN users to be logged.