Endian UTM Appliance is an Open Source Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance software. This document is a concise reference to the Endian UTM Appliance web interface.

Accessing the Endian UTM Appliance GUI

To access the Endian UTM Appliance GUI is as simple as starting your browser and entering the IP address of the internal (GREEN) interface or the hostname of your Endian UTM Appliance.

Your browser will be redirected to a secure HTTPS connection (port 10443). Since Endian UTM Appliance uses a self-signed HTTPS certificate, your browser might ask you to accept the certificate during the first connection. The system will then ask for username and password. Specify “admin” as the username and provide the password you set during the installation or, if you bought an appliance, the one you got from your reseller.

You should now be looking at the start page of your Endian UTM Appliance GUI. You can immediately start exploring the different options and the information available to you through this interface. The rest of this guide follows the layout of the main navigation bar - each chapter corresponds to one of the main navigation items.

Features and enhancements in version 2.3

Quality of Service and Bandwidth Management
Traffic Shaping has been replaced by a fully configurable Quality of Service module. QoS devices, classes and rules can be defined to guarantee the best quality for VoIP phone calls and other critical applications.
Intrusion Prevention
Every snort rule can now be configured. It is possible to drop packets as well as to log intrusion attempts or to ignore a rule.
HTTP proxy with user- and group-based content filtering
The HTTP proxy does now have a more polished web interface and allows you to create user- and group-based content filter rules.
Traffic-based hotspot tickets
It is now possible to add traffic-based ticket types to your hotspot.
Revamped SMTP proxy web interface
The web interface of the SMTP proxy has been rewritten with focus on usability.
The main page has been replaced by a dashboard with statistics about the system and its services as well as live-graphs for incoming and outgoing traffic.
Destination NAT and Incoming Routed Traffic
In version 2.3 it is possible to add port-forwards from any zone. Port forwarding without NAT is now also supported.
Email notifications
A new notification system has been written. Emails can be sent on predefined events like the disconnection of an uplink.
SNMP support
Basic SNMP support has been added.
Commtouch RPD (optional)
Support for the Commtouch anti-spam engine has been added. This module is optional.
Sophos anti-virus (optional)
Sophos anti-virus has been added as an alternative to ClamAV. You can choose which anti-virus scanner you want to use for each service. The Sophos module is optional.


Without the great work of the Smoothwall and then the IPCop team, neither Endian UTM Appliance nor this document would exist. Therefore we would like to thank them all for their hard work.

Thanks to Sourceforge for the hosting. Without Sourceforge we would not have the possibility to gain such a huge worldwide visibility. You are really helping us very much!

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