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Whenever you need to send emails from your Endian Hotspot Appliance - being it for event notifications or to use the SmartConnect functionality with emails - you might run into problems if your Internet connection uses a dynamic IP address. This might be the case when using an ISDN or an ADSL dialup Internet connection. The IP address you are using might have been blacklisted in some Realtime Blacklist (RBL) and therefore the remote mailserver might refuse your emails.

The SMTP proxy gives you the possibility to send emails through a known SMTP server (also known as smarthost) that could be provided by your Internet connection provider, your email-provider or another third party.


When an external smarthost is configured, neither the SSL/TLS nor the STARTTLS protocols can be used.

Smarthost configuration

Smarthost for delivery

Tick this checkbox to enable a smarthost for delivering e-mails and to show additional options.

Smarthost address

The IP address or hostname of the smarthost.

Smarthost port

The port on which the smarthost is listening, defaults to 25.

Smarthost authentication

Tick this checkbox if the smarthost requires authentication. The next three extra options are then shown.

Smarthost username

The username used for authentication on the smarthost.

Smarthost password

The password used for authentication on the smarthost.

Choose authentication method

The authentication methods required by the smarthost: PLAIN, LOGIN, CRAM-MD5, and DIGEST-MD5 are supported. More methods can be chosen by holding the CTRL key pressed and clicking on each of the desired methods.

IMAP Server for SMTP authentication

This panel contains configuration options for the IMAP server that should be used for authentication when sending e-mails. These settings are especially important for SMTP incoming connections that are opened from the RED zone. The following settings can be configured:

SMTP authentication

Tick this checkbox to enable IMAP authentication and to show additional options.

Choose number of authentication daemons

How many concurrent logins are possible through the Endian Hotspot Appliance.

IMAP authentication server

The IP address of the IMAP server.

IMAP authentication port

The port on which the IMAP server is listening, defaults to 143 for plain IMAP or 993 for IMAP over SSL.

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