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Endian UTM Edge Appliance is an appliance (desktop or rail-mounted) that provides secure access to SCADA equipment. This document is a reference manual that describes the GUI and all the configuration options of its functionalities.

The latest updates and corrections to this manual, referred to the latest release of the Endian UTM Edge Appliance, will be available online at http://docs.endian.com/3.0/utm-edge/.

This reference manual is Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Endian S.r.L.

Features and enhancements of the 3.0 release

The version 3.0, being a major release, has been a long path, which sees the introduction of several new features, plus many changes and improvements under the hood, among which the major rewrite of the VPN module stands out.


The VPN module has been rewritten and its structure improved, separating the authentication part from the tunnelling and encryption part. The new features introduced in the VPN module are:

  • Algorithms available for encryption: Blowfish 128/192/256-bit, Twofish 128/192/256-bit, Serpent 128/192/256-bit, Camellia 128/192/256-bit, CAST-128.

  • Hashing algorithm: SHA2 256/384/512-bit, AESXCBC.

  • Support for IKEv2.

  • Support for XAUTH.

  • Multiple OpenVPN servers can run concurrently, introducing load-balancing and providing scalability.

  • User management and authentication has been unified for OpenVPN, L2TP, and XAUTH, and completed by several new functionalities:

    • Support for multiple authentication server (local, LDAP, Active Directory).

    • Integrated certificate authority

    • Support for external certification authorities.

    • Support for groups of users.

    • Two-Factor Authentication (password and certificate management).


  • A brand new reporting dashboard to visualise events logged by the Endian UTM Edge Appliance has been developed from scratch.

  • More detailed graphical reports are therefore available for various categries of events: System, intrusion attempts, and connections.

  • Integration of ntopng into Endian UTM Edge Appliance provides live monitoring of network traffic and network flows.


  • Additional languages for the GUI have been introduced: Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, and Turkish.

  • The menubar and the left-hand side menus now remain visible also when browsing a long page to its bottom.


  • Application firewall is now available, with the possibility to filter traffic generated by more than 170 application.


  • There is now one online reference manual for each product’s family: UTM (Security gateways), Edge (4i industrial devices), and UTM Edge (UTM Edge and UTM Edge Wireless devices)

Functionalities and enhancements of the 3.0.5 Release

Version 3.0.5 has been released on 29th of April 2015 and includes the following new or improved functionalities.

Event Management

The event management functionality has been vastly improved with the introduction of many new events. Like before, administrators of the Endian UTM Edge Appliance can be informed by SMS or e-mail whenever any event takes place, but now they can write their own python scripts and associate them to any event. An andian API will soon be published to allow a more tight interaction with the Endian UTM Edge Appliance.

Network configuration

The default installation does not include the legacy ADSL and ISDN network modes. However, the packages that provide these functionalities can still be installed

Serial Over IP

The serial over IP functionality allows to set up the serial port of the Endian UTM Edge Appliance to accept incoming serial connections over IP from remote locations.


Without the great work of the Smoothwall and then of the IPCop team, neither Endian UTM Edge Appliance nor this document would exist. Therefore we would like to thank them all for their hard work.

Thanks to Sourceforge for the hosting. Without Sourceforge we would not have the possibility to gain such a huge worldwide visibility. You are really helping us very much!

Endian web sites

For more information about Endian S.r.l., Italy and its products, please visit Endian web site at http://www.endian.com/.

Many resources (tutorials, how-tos, examples) in this manual are taken from those web sites:

  • http://help.endian.com/ The new support center for the Endian products, that should become the reference site to support customers and users. Several links to howtos on this site are provided on this documentation at the end of the various subsections.

  • http://kb.endian.com/ The old knowledge base of Endian, now discontinued. Its content, including configuration examples, has been incorporated either in the reference manual on in the help.endian.com site.

  • http://jira.endian.com/ Endian’s bug tracker, the place in which to search for existing bugs and their resolution or workarounds and to report new issues. It replaces the older bug tracker located at, http://bugs.endian.com/ which is still accessible and in which to find tips and workaround for issues found in older systems.