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endian.status package


endian.status.notifications module

exception NotFoundError

Bases: exceptions.Exception

getNotifications(service, type, *argl, **args)

Fetches notification data from notifications logger json file. The json file contains log messages posted with ‘info()’ or ‘error()’.

  • service (string) – Specifies the service of which to fetch notifications
  • type – Accepts one of: ‘status’, ‘history’, ‘error’ in order to decide which json file to fetch. ‘status’ contains the current status, history contains all messages since start notified through the logger method ‘info()’ and ‘error’ contains the error messages posted with error().
Service type:


endian.status.status module

test(force=False, msg='', *argl, **args)

Test status interface

Is a sample for a function of the EMI status interface. This text is multiline since it describes what exactly does this function.

In this example the function does nothing of interest, it simple returns a python structure with some example values and parameters if supplied, which then are going to be serialized as JSON by the status EMI module.

This text is only so long and says nothing in the end because I want to test the docstring parser with it and therefore I would like to have some paragraphs, which are separated by empty newlines.

  • force (boolean) – Forces something if True, otherwise does not force at all.
  • msg (string) – Specify a cool message

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