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How to get Support

Support for your 4i Edge device includes:

  • Endian Network subscription

  • Software updates and upgrades

  • Technical support

  • 3 years full replacement warranty

Support case workflow

Maintenance Advantage

What’s Included with Endian Maintenance?

Endian Network

The Endian Network is a centralized portal to monitor and manage all of your Endian Firewall devices. If one of you Endian 4i Appliance devices has hardware or software service issues, Endian Network will alert you so you can react fast and mitigate issues before they cause significant problems. A great tool for Endian resellers as well since it also allows you to completely manage user administration and determine Endian Network access you (as a reseller) provide to your customers.

Endian Updates

Keep your Endian 4i Appliance devices as up-to-date as possible to keep your networks and users protected from modern day threats. This includes all Endian security services like antivirus, intrusion detection signatures, and URL blacklists (content filtering). Just as importantly, Endian maintenance includes all security updates to every Endian application so that you can keep the devices protect- ing your network safe from security vulnerabilities.

Endian Upgrades

Why is Endian Appliance the best open source 4i on the market? It’s simple, we’re always looking to make our product better and enhance the functionality of our software whether it’s through our own development or utilizing the power of the Endian (and open source) community! With Endian Maintenance, you get each and every upgrade and improvement we make to our product and Endian Network makes the deployment to your device(s) as simple as point-and-click.

Endian Support

Endian Support is comprised of the best and brightest Endian support engineers who are devoted to supporting the rapidly growing number of Endian 4i Appliance’s all over the world. We offer a broad range of support options that range from a basic support package to our premium support services that include direct phone assistance as well as remote live assistance from an Endian support engineer.

4i Maintenance

Endian offers highly qualified support services that come along with all our security solutions, being included in the Maintenance subscription. Distributors and Partners get support directly from Endian while end users receive assistance through one of our worldwide Partners, according to the Maintenance and Support SLA.

  • Advanced Maintenance is designed for companies that require a high priority level of support. This package includes quickreaction support service that guarantees the lowest downtime impact on your network in case of problems or hardware failure.

Tips to Use your Endian 4i

Update your Endian 4i Appliance

  • By web interface: :menuselection:`System –> Updates `

    Just click on Check for new updates, and click on Start update process NOW!

  • By console:

    Log into your firewall by SSH run the command smart update && smart upgrade

How to connect to the Console

  1. a serial null modem cable

  2. a workstation with serial interface

  3. a terminal program

Connect the serial nullmodem cable to the console port of your Endian 4i and the other end to your workstations serial port (COM1). Use a terminal program (Minicom for Unix/Linux, PuTTY for Windows) in order to connect to the Firewall. The necessary parameters are:

  • 115200 baud

  • 8 bit

  • No parity bit

  • 1 stop bit

After successfully connect, if the firewall is up and running, you should find a menu.

What if you don’t remember your password?

  • If you forgot the Web admin password:

    but you remember the ROOT Console password connect to the serial console and choose the “Change Admin Password” (Option #3) from the menu

  • If you forgot the ROOT console password:

    but you remember the Web admin password you can set a new ROOT password from the web interface using the System ‣ Password menu

  • If you forgot BOTH admin and root passwords:

    For security reasons, resetting the password is not permitted. You can restore the “factory default setting” using the serial console by choosing “Restore Factory Defaults” (Option #4) from the menu (look at the documentation on www.endian.com, for more help on using the serial console)

What if you don’t remember the GREEN interface IP address?

  • By console:

    the console menu will show you the management URL and the Green IP address (look at the documentation on www.endian.com for more help on using the serial console)

What you can do with the Serial Console!

  • use the bash shell (choosing the Option #0). You will need the root password

  • restore to factory defaults status

  • reboot the system

  • change your web or console passwords

Factory reset

In case you wish to reset your 4i Edge device to factory settings you have 2 options:

  1. Web Interface

    • go to Menubar ‣ System ‣ Backup , scroll down to the box

    • Reset configuration to factory defaults and reboot

    • then click on factory defaults

    • This option will wipe out all configurations and settings done so far

    • and automatically reboot the system with the default configuration.

  2. Serial Console

    • Connect via serial console then choose the option restore to factory defaults

    • Your root password will be required.

    • The system will automatically reboot with the default configuration.

Software Update

Software updates include security updates and bugfixes for packages in your current Software release. Endian will release security enhancement and bugfixes whenever available.


Endian updates will never be applied automatically to your 4i device. Trough the Web Interface or the Endian Network you can update at the most appropriate time for you.

Software Release Upgrade

As Endian Maintenance customer your are entitled to upgrade your software to the next release. This service is part of your initial Maintenance package – you can extend your maintenance option by purchasing additional one or three year maintenance.


Endian version upgrades will never be applied automatically to your 4i device. Trough Endian Network you have the option to upgrade at the time that is most appropriate for you.

Standard Conformance


This device is CE and FCC-certified and meets European and US health, safety, and environmental standards.


This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio fre- quency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which case the user will be required to correct the interference at his own expense.

Contains FCC ID:PPD-AR5BXB92 (WiFi Model Only)

Disposal of the device


This device is subject to European Directive 2002/96/EC and may not be disposed of with general household garbage. If you do not know where you may dispose of the device at the end of its lifespan, contact your municipality, your local waste management provider, or your seller.